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Client Testimonials


  • Alise Roberts embodies the highest level of real estate professionalism in her conduct, her knowledge and her rock solid advice. Her help and support were so far above what I’d come to expect from the real estate profession – we were continually amazed and appreciative. She always called back promptly, did everything she said she would do and then more. She was a partner in the process every step of the way and we always knew she was looking out for our best interests. She encouraged us to take our time, get to know the market, the range of quality and prices, working closely with us even though we were still months out from being ready to buy. And when we were ready, she was ready to help us quickly and carefully through the process. I recommend Alise with my highest commendation. – Dan Dorman


  • I cannot thank Alise and her team enough for what they did for my short sale. I owned a condo in Federal Way and contacted Alise after seeing her marketing ability on a condo down the street. She marketed my property with the same enthusiasm and thoroughness she would a multi-million dollar listing AND IT WORKED! Alise is conscientious to all of her clients and knows how to get the sale done. I have worked extensively with both her and her team and I would be remiss if I did not recommend her every time I hear someone is putting their house on the market or looking for a real estate agent. Alise’s team, especially Kai Rainey, was always available for my questions and kept me updated through every step. I have now sold my condo and have Alise Roberts to thank! Contact her post haste if you need someone who can get a place sold in this market…she will not disappoint!!! – T. Diseth


  • Alise and her team were excellent to work with. Her experience in the industry was apparent from day one and she truly has her client’s best interests in mind. What made Alise stand out from other realtors the most was that she never tried to sell us on anything. We worked with her for almost a year before finding our house and over that period her responsiveness and commitment to us never diminished. She was very patient in working with us to make sure we found the house of our dreams and never pushed us to settle for anything less. I would highly recommend Alise to anyone and would certainly do business with her again. – S. and J. Hughes


  • I would not only highly recommend Alise and her incredibly competent team, but any chance I get to talk about what they were able to accomplish for my wife and I, I heartily take it. Because of financing challenges and IRS problems, our transaction was incredibly complicated. But Alise and her team made the impossible happen and we moved in October of this year. I truly believe had we chosen another agent, our deal would have fallen apart. You are doing yourself a disservice if you don’t contact this team! Attention to detail, incredibly responsive and so professional. My wife and I have purchased seven homes in the last 10 years due to transfers around the country and we have had some very good real estate agents, but NONE like this team and none like Alise. As you can tell, I’m very excited about this team and I’ll talk about it any chance I get! Good luck. Call them! – D. and D. Mayer


  • I can’t praise Alise and her team enough. As a loan department manager in a bank, I routinely work with real estate agents, lenders, escrow closers, and appraisers. I know when I am talking with a knowledgeable professional. Alise, Bethanie and Kai excel in their profession and set a high standard in the real estate business. I feel very fortunate to have worked with Alise Roberts & Company. – L. Longpre


  • “As future newcomers to the Seattle area, while working remotely up to 7000 miles away, the idea of locating and purchasing a suitable property with minimal local knowledge posed a number of daunting potential problems to ourselves. Fortunately, we engaged Alise and members of her ReMax team (notably Stacie Curlee) for the task. From accommodating our difficult schedules, to viewing about 20 to 30 homes in different areas, arranging inspections and repairs, to dealing with last minute financing issues against a hard stop dead line, nothing seemed too difficult for this team. And once the property was selected, the entire transaction occurred remotely using emails, text messaging and phone calls in a 7 hour time difference in about a month. The level of effort put in by Alise and her team was clearly remarkable!
    With much appreciation, Theron and Rachael Holloway


  • Our experience with Alise and partners through the process of selling was very professional. We received direction and assistance on preparing our home to show….., and I believe it sold because of how the home was presented. The house appraiser told me that our home looked like a show house. It would not have looked like it did if we would have done it on our own. When we received an offer, Alise made everything very easy for us. We would not hesitate in using Alise again. – Tom and Tammy Schmidt


  • “Alise and her sister Bethanie Ferrando were an awesome team to work with! Alise listed our house after giving us expert advice on what we could do to prepare it for the market. After following her advice she listed the house, priced it perfectly and we had an offer in 3 days which we accepted! From the start of the listing process to accepting the offer and leading us through it, Alise was incredibly knowledgeable and had experience to back it up. Alise knows her stuff and we had nothing but positive interactions with her. Bethanie worked more on the buying side of things and was also extremely helpful and knowledgeable, being able to coordinate our new home purchase perfectly with our lender (she has a background in mortgages). We hope to not move anytime soon, but if we ever have to, Alise and Bethanie will be the first people we call on again! – The Ballingers


  • Alise went above in beyond to sell our home and find us our new home. She pays attention to detail and has great recommendations and suggestions for marketing your home for sale. We’d love to use her again! – Linday Myers


  • “Alise was a wonderful agent to work with. We worked with her to find and close on the house that was perfect for our family. Alise made sure the process stayed on track, and that all of our questions and concerns were promptly addressed (we could hardly tell she had several other balls in the air at the same time). Her experience and in-depth knowledge of the Washington real estate market was invaluable for us in the process. We heartily endorse Alise! — Mark Yates


  • Alise was a joy to work with when she assisted our family’s move from Texas back to the Pacific NW last year. She was very attentive to my wishes, finding a number of homes in the Maple Valley area, that fit our requirements to a tee. The contract work and application process was flawless. But the best thing was she surprised us with a pantry full of food on our first night in the new house, what a pleasant surprise. I recommend Alise highly and have told many friends about her! — Rick Campbell


  • You went above and beyond our expectations! You made a difficult sale go unbelievably smooth! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! =) — J. and J. Hutchason


  • Attention to detail is everything in real estate and to say that Alise leaves no stone unturned would be an understatement—the woman is a virtual rock hound! She is tireless and dedicated and fair and forthright. Did I mention talented? Our sales flyer was a work of art, and she negotiated a full-price offer for our home in times when that just wasn’t happening. Alise became our trusted friend and our dream maker, and we are forever grateful. Bottom line: If you’re lucky enough to get Alise, you’re lucky enough.” — Qz and Al Clouser


  • Good day folks, what an exciting time it is for my fiancée Pam and I as we prepare to move in to our “Happily ever after Home”. I cannot tell you how much we appreciate the effort and support you and your team have been through this process; much easier than anticipated. Now comes the hard part, which picture to hang where? And where do I put my very own “Man Room”? The place is beautiful, and has plenty of opportunity to put our own touches to the home, as Pam has already begun. Again I cannot express how at ease I felt through the whole process. You folks always provided answers and guidance in a timely manner when called upon, your service was outstanding. Take a moment this morning and pat yourselves on the back, you have laid the foundation for…. “Two people who fell in love”… and now the rest is up to us to finish our nest. May the powers that be, shine good fortune upon you and your loved ones, enjoy your day, and again, Thank You.” — Pam & Ted


  • “I am so glad that we went into this with the support of a very experienced agent. Thank you. You helped us look just the right amount of time and kept us focused to stay in the area that we knew we wanted for convenience, and you were our “voice” throughout this whole process. I was able to worry a lot less knowing that you were looking for our best interests and would speak up when necessary. We have had a number of agents in the past, but feel that you have been the most professional and yet very down to earth to work with. Thank you. Not that you would ever need it, but if you ever need a reference for a new client etc., please consider us.” — J. & S. Abegg


  • “Your open and straight discussion convinced us that your services were far superior to others. We are glad we selected your team. You helped us get the house $75,000 down from the list price! When we had difficulty to decide between the houses we bid on, you acted to best protect our interest with efficiency, transparency, and a balanced approach. We enjoyed the communication and friendship established with your team. Your knowledge and connection on this area is a true asset. The mortgage team you recommended is the best we had in terms of an itemized walk through, option analysis and personal finance advice. Your focus, follow-up, flexibility, understanding, open mind and especially the pleasant nature you show in your work really took us for a comfortable and educational ride. We wish we could have more chances to work together, and we will highly and warmly recommend your services to our colleagues, friends, and whoever needs reference. Thank you again!” — B. & A. Fang


  • “You invested so much time with us and were always available for our many questions. You made the closing process very transparent and smooth for us and gave excellent recommendations on all subjects. You are true professionals; you know your job yet you also made us feel like we were your only customers. You couldn’t have done anything better.” — G. and C. Paull


  • “Thanks for everything! You were professional, personable and quick to respond to calls. You were reliable and handled things in a timely manner.  Your ability to “walk us through” things helped greatly. We felt that you were always looking out for our best interests, not your own.  We wouldn’t have changed a thing!  You came highly recommended to us and we will do the same.” — M. & J. Parker


  • “Thank you: Two simple words to encompass a thousand emotions! From beginning to end, you were a true professional and a trusted friend. We are so happy to finally be in our home and feel so blessed that it “feels” like home already.  From everyone in our family “We thank you”. — The Rillos Family


  • “Given the factors and time limits, we want you to know how much we appreciate your care and efforts in finding our home.  Your professionalism and eagerness to help touched our hearts. We know that God brought you into our lives to bless us and we hope that we can return the blessing to you and your families. Again thank you for your compassion.” — J. & M. Lingii


  • “Thank you for helping us find our first house! We are about to have a barbeque and would like for you to come. Please bring your son (I have a toy for him and a gift for you).” — Uriah (8 years old)


  • “My overall satisfaction on a scale from 1-5 with 5 being the best is a 5+++++. You guys were awesome. I appreciated your friendship and your sense of humor. Please send me more business cards so I can tell others about you. Thanks so much.” — K. Sunmark


  • “We love you! Your hard work, long hours and determination were very much appreciated.  Nothing would have made this experience better– you did an excellent job!” — S. and L. Munguia


  • “We wanted to extend our token of appreciation for helping us in such a limited time frame. We are amazed at all the extras you were able to negotiate! Thank you.” — A & C. Herten


  • “You were so personable- we appreciate you “connecting” with us personally.  You had an excellent handle on what was important to us. Thank you.” — M. and L. Dillard


  • “Thank you so much. We really appreciated that you knew the market and prepped us well. Your follow through and total follow-up even after the sale closed was incomparable.” — D. & E. Heieren


  • In my first meeting with Ms. Roberts, it was clear to me that she had a clear understanding of the current market as she stated that we would be wasting our time by asking anything above the current market value and if I really wanted to do that, I should find a different agent. That was the first thing for us that made Ms. Roberts standout from the other agents as they may represent you even though they know the chance of selling your place would be a long shot or they just don’t know the market. Ms. Roberts also did not push us into hiring her as many others will want you to sign on the spot. She left a complete profile of who she was, what she and her team could do for us, what we could expect, and the history of her and the team. I appreciated the here’s what I can do for you approach and after reviewing the material if you wish to hire us, give us a call. Ms. Roberts was the only realtor that I interviewed that seem to listen when we met the first time as we went through the home together. This was evident after I came home one afternoon and small signs were placed throughout the home at eye level which not only captured what I had told her but also we felt was a great tool for any perspective buyers that would be going through the home. It confirmed that she actually listened to us. Throughout the process Ms. Roberts had a team working with her that was a reflection of her professionalism. I.e. someone checking to ensure that flyers were always available, delivering flyers when needed, updating new placards in the home, and having someone available if needed at the home when we could not be there. If we ever had any questions or concerns, it seemed that it didn’t matter what time of the day it was, the answers were almost immediate, either by Ms. Roberts or from someone on her team. We did have some issues in selling the home which had nothing to do with Ms. Roberts but rather a result of the inspections. Two windows had to be replaced. Ms. Roberts co-ordinate that effort as I could not be there for any estimates or the installation; either she or someone on the team was there so I did not have to take off work or worry about it. I had an issue with a door that again Ms. Roberts made every effort to come to a resolution; she contacted the previous realtor from when we bought the house originally and got some photos of the door which we thought would help in the matter. Even though our efforts were in vain, it demonstrated that she had a network of realtors outside her circle that were willing to work with her. Even after the sale was over, she continued to work with us after we had been notified that our association had stated that we owed additional funds. By working together, no additional funds were paid out and the dispute was settled. It was a pleasure to work with Ms. Roberts. Her professionalism, expertise, and enthusiasm is a model for other realtors to follow. If you are considering selling your home, I would highly recommend Ms. Roberts. — S. Raddatz


  • “We appreciate all the effort you have put into our home search. Your calm, positive outlook kept us going. Thank you for your kind, non-judgmental attitude. You are a classy team and real professionals.” — S. and R. Vavak